Subdued lighting and delicius foods

With subdued lighting and glorious music we served dinner in our three dining rooms. We offer typical Danish foods, served in generous proportions and with several servings. No one goes hungry from the table. Dinner is served on weekdays between 18:00 and 20:00. Dinner can consist of a three course meal with starter, main course and dessert for 182 DKK per person
We also offer full board consisting of dinner followed by coffee and great lunch package for 175 DKK per person
We are grateful for your advanced booking.
Party or meeting:
At Hotel Villa Gulle you can organize all kinds of events, lectures and meetings:

• Baby showers
• Birthdays
• Brunch
• Funerals
• Meetings
• Lectures
• All kinds of gatherings
Call for more information, get a nice deal on your party or your event.

Beautiful paintings to look at

Hotel Villa Gulle wants to play an important role in our local community. And we work hard to show how talented artists we have in Nyborg. 
We hold regular exhibitions of the local artists works in painting. We change the exhibitions 3-4 times a year. 
The exhibitions is shown in our three lovely dining rooms - so you as a guest have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful works. And should you want to bring one with you home - so we pack it securely or you and settles on artists' behalf.
Gulle Simonsen received in 2009 Nyborg Tourist Associations Tourism Award for her efforts for tourism in Nyborg Municipality.


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